by Lucie Jelfs PAST SHOW Thursday 6th March

‘People love their pets, people are their pets’

Humanals is a body of work that came together organically through commissions in 2013. Through the paintings of people’s beloved pets, Lucie Jelfs has worked to convey the personality of the animal through the owner’s eyes, whilst embodying the true spirit of Jelfs work and the cheeky yet comical innocence that is apparent throughout her portfolio. In Lucie’s own words ‘I hope people smile when they see the paintings as much as I do when I paint them’

Lucie Jelfs was born in 1981 in Gloucestershire, UK. After completing a BA in Fashion Design at The University of Westminster, she spent 4 years working as a model in London. With plenty of time between castings and go-see’s, she started her initial sequence of line drawings. ‘My work tends to have a comical element combining both beauty and darkness’. She now lives and works in London.

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